10 January 2013

2013 Resolution Number Two :: Does it Fit?

This has got to be the most common resolution, hasn't it? I mean, who doesn't want to lose weight, get fit and live a healthier lifestyle? For me, I want to hit 150 lbs, which means I have about 38 lbs to go.

This is something that Jeff and I were doing in 2012. We have already mostly cleaned up our diet (no pop, processed foods, in particular), and we worked through P90X (except for when we were sick). I have lost 15 lbs doing that (this is including all the "Christmas eating"). In October, Jeffery and I also started taking Shakeology as our breakfast, which has helped quite a lot in our alertness and energy levels throughout the day.

And since we have had such great success with that, I am using another product by Beachbody called The Ultimate Reset. It's a 21 day program that helps restore the pH balance in your body (week 1), release the toxins in your body (week 2), and restore your metabolism and the workings of your innards to what they are supposed to be (week 3). I actually started it yesterday. I'm really excited because since I was sick in November, I have felt sluggish and yucky and just "wrong", if that makes sense. Physically I am fine, but I feel like I need to cleanse myself. So here is my attempt.

After I'm done the reset, I will be embarking on that perilous journey of working out. I will be doing Insanity - a 60 day intense workout program. I am actually pretty scared about doing it, since it's such an intense program, but my health is worth this investment of time and focus.

See? That looks like something only a crazy person will do. But it's mostly cardio, and I need that to get rid of my "jiggly bits." Wish me luck, and I will let you know the results.

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