18 January 2013

The ABCs of Me

I saw this on another blog today, and they were such great questions that I had to do one too!

Addictions: um, I don't think I have an addiction.
Bed size: queen; although I wish we had a king.
Chore you hate: dishes.
Dogs or cats: cats.
Essential start of your day: pressing snooze and rolling over to sleep some more.
Favorite color: orange and teal
Gold or silver: silver
Height: 5'9"
Instruments you play (or have played): piano, guitar, recorder
Jobs titles you've had: pita-maker, mail sorter, admin assistant, process operator, tele-receptionist, office clerk, secretary, wife, mother, creative business owner, blogger - not all in that order.
Kids: Alexander (4), Isabel (2) and hopefully more, God willing.
Live: Hamilton
Mom’s name: Anita
Nickname: Shirls, Shirley-Whirly
Overnight hospital stays: when I got a tumor removed from my leg when I was 16, and when Alexander was born.
Pet peeve: When my husband slaps my hands away from my mouth when I'm trying to bite my nails.
Quote from a movie: "It's like I have EPSN or something" -Mean Girls
Right or left handed: right-handed
Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers.
Time you wake up: 6:00 a.m. (not including the snooze time)
Underwear: um, I was told it was socially required to wear them?
Vegetables you dislike: Brussels sprouts
What makes you run late: my husband
X-rays you’ve had done: on my leg before the tumor was removed, teeth
Yummy food you make: triple layer bars. I will give you the recipe for them some day.
Zoo animal: elephants and giraffes

If you do this, please put a link to it in the comment section - I'd love to read more!!

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  1. Ah shirley Whirly..6am really..I am in awe...my brain simply does not function at that time of day! ! x

    1. Neither does mine, but I have to get up at that time for work (it also does give me some time to get the kids up, dressed, etc.)!


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