19 January 2013

I really enjoy sharing the things that I love. Here are a few more items from my favourites on Etsy:

1. Ceramic Mug - This mug is so pretty! I love the teal and the bohemian pattern. Too bad it's sold.

2. Ceramic Heart Bowl - This is also really pretty. I would like to put mints in it for when we are entertaining. I mean, who doesn't like mints in a heart-shaped bowl?

3. Lingerie - I don't know why, but I'm feeling a lot more confident in my self image, and I'm wanting to try different lingerie. (TMI?) Maybe it's because I'm beginning to see my weight and inches going down (due to my resolution number two).

4. Coin Purse - This would be a perfect little bag to hold all my drugs (advil, tylenol, gravol, etc) in my purse.  I have an old little bag, but it's getting really old and the zipper doesn't seem to be working very well. This would be a perfect replacement!

5. Windmill - Who doesn't love windmills!!? This one is so cute!! 

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  1. That coin purse is so cute! I have been learning to make them but for some reason the smaller ones seem more complicated than the larger ones.

    1. Ooh! I would love to see some of your coin purses, once you get them made!!


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