16 January 2013

What You Made Link up 46

This past week I have been working on learning how to follow a crochet pattern. This pattern is marked as "Easy+" (whatever the + means), but I didn't really find it all that easy. It took me a long time to figure it out. I almost gave up and tried to figure it out on my own, without the pattern, but I have to learn how to read these stinking things if I'm ever going to advance in my crochet skills.

I also bound a few books, here are my favourites:


Enough about me. Last week's most viewed link was a wire wrapped pendant from Wake up the Angel:

Here are my favourites from Renee's shop:


Trees Hide


  1. I love that yellow one Shirley! So fun! ;-)

  2. Happy New Year Shirley! xoxo Andrea

  3. AWESOME ! Thanks so much for this weekly blo9g Shirley - such a lovely surprise to read today !!!!

  4. Love your journals - asll of them are great!

    AWESOME to see the feature today - lovely suprise!

  5. Your journals are so cute. I just linked up one of my items. Going to go check out some others.



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