26 January 2013

Jeffery brought some flowers home for me the other day. How sweet is that!?
(can you tell I don't get flowers often?)

Honestly, though, getting flowers not too often are not a bad thing. You know how people have green thumbs? Well, I have a brown thumb. All plants I have ever owned have died slow and painful deaths. I'm very glad that plants don't have feelings - cause then I would feel bad.

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and although I LOVE a good bunch of flowers, I can't help but find it to be rather pointless if they are given to me. They will just die. And I realized, as I was perusing my favourites on Etsy, that I really like faux flowers. probably because they can't die.

1. Paper Roses - I've had these in my favourites for a LONG time. These would look so great in my craft space!

2. Felt Flower - I just love the colours in this flower.

3. Silk Flower Brooch - The way the silk is folded into this flower looks so graceful and opulent.

4. Porcelain Bouquet - This is just plain beautiful!

5. Metal Flower Bouquet - I would like these for in my kitchen.

6. Red Paper Flower Bow - I like the two-fold purpose of this: a flower and a bow (you know, to put on a present).

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