06 January 2013

Business Direction :: Destash

I mentioned about a month ago (in this post) that I am planning to let the listings of my paper shop expire in 2013. I have already deactivated all my made-to-order listings, and I have now added my stamp sets as destash. So if you're a stamper, please take a look!

There is a section for wood mounted stamp sets and a section for unmounted stamp sets.

There are a lot of family and friends who are very surprised at my decision to do this. But this will help me organize my space and my time better. For those of you who know, paper crafting is quite time-consuming, and since I'm working a full-time job, the made-to-order purchases (the majority of my business with the paper shop) took up almost my entire Saturday morning/afternoon! I don't want that time taken away from me like that. My family and housework (crazy, eh?) are more important to me.

Besides, the more organized you are, the better you can work, right? Well, that's the way it is for me.

And with this decision comes some extra time I crave to design and create new projects (which is what you'll see a lot more in 2013)!!

Trees Hide

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