12 January 2013

In my favourites.

My favourites on Etsy are so full; 186 pages!! Now, I'm sure that there are many people who have many more pages than I, but it's a lot to me. I remember being so glad when I saw the "Search" bar! Here are a few of my new favourites. Today's theme is DIY:
1. Burning Terracotta Yarn - Dye for Wool
2. Pecan Tree Branch Buttons - Catie Crochets
4. Shabby Chic Painted Frames - Huckleberry Vintage
5. Hand Chrocheted Wool Afgan - KB Originals Etc

I can totally see a fabulous cowl with the terracotta yarn, using that awesome cowl pattern... now if I could only follow a pattern...

I really love the idea of finding vintage wood frames and painting them all the same colour - it would be great for collections! I think it's to the thrift store for me!!

Those wood buttons would be great for the red circle pillow I want to make (I talked about that here)!

And who doesn't want a warm, wool afgan?! Great for snuggling!

What's in your favourites?
Trees Hide
ps - I actually am away this weekend, to a couples retreat - I'll tell you all about it later - I love scheduling blog posts; it's such a handy feature!


  1. Love that yarn! I also love the wooden buttons. I've used them before and they add such a nice touch to finished work.

  2. I really like the afgan, it looks so pretty and cozy, but it's so expensive, maybe I should make one myself...
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. I will certainly be making my own afgan myself too. I just have to find an idea that I can duplicate. :)

  3. Thanks for loving my pattern! What a treat it was to find it on here. You know I give technical support, right? ;)

    Chanelle Jones
    Hover Creations


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