02 May 2011

Featured Artisan - evgie

I was looking for some handmade items that would assist Alexander and Isabel in learning letters, numbers and colours in a fun way while exposing them to the wonderful world of handmade. I stumbled upon evgie, a cute, bright shop on etsy, whose passion for fun while learning is totally evident in the products they make:

When I saw these puffy alphabets made from felt, I knew this was what I was looking for. I will probably purchase these letters sometime in the not-so-distant future.

This clock is a great way to teach numbers, colours and the time! It would also make a bright accessory to a child's room.

Now, I noticed that evgie has a second etsy shop dedicated to their adorable line of hand puppets - this is a great tool to tell stories and develop imagination. This little guy below is my favourite from this second store, called evgie puppets.

Here is a bit from the evgie team:

Our obsession with handmade clever toys did not start recently but here at etsy.com we were convinced of the value of our concept – helping kids and their parent to really enjoy the learning process, develop and master motor skills, math, literacy and entice exiting conversation between parent and child.

We try hard to find the union between learning and decorative objects: alphabet, clocks, keychain, sock puppets theater, logic games and its unexpected representation: plush felt, vivid colors, and hand embroidery and personality portrayal.

Another valid point is to stay on a distance from the massive toy industry; we are competitive as exclusive contributors not the ordinary factory of plush. We love the custom orders as a perfect way to get truthful feedback and make personal connection with other parents. Our customers are awesome and its enjoyable time to work with them.

The price policy is flexible and ranges anywhere from $3 to $70, everyone will find something that fits their budget and we are working toward increasing the variety of Evgie products line.

Creating such great felt toys, and they are in the greater Hamilton area - I think they are in Burlington.

You can also find evgie on twitter and facebook.

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