25 May 2011

Focus on Family - For the Love of Baby Powder

Yeah. . . Monday morning was interesting. We woke up to this in Alexander's bedroom.

Let me give you a few closeups. . .

Yes, that's right, dear readers. Alexander took the bottle of baby powder and spread it everywhere. Only in his bedroom, so I guess if I must be thankful for something, it should be that it wasn't everywhere else as well.

I was planning on sleeping in that morning while Jeffery watched the kids and got them breakfast. But after this little escapade, I got to clean up Alexander's bedroom while Jeff watched the kids and got them breakfast. The good part was that Jeffery made me breakfast as well - pancakes with fresh strawberries and turkey bacon - yum!

We planned on going to the park after the kids woke up from their nap, since it was a nice day (gorgeous day, actually). I got Isabel ready, and then walked to the bathroom, and when I came back, I saw this:

Isabel was on the floor, and Alexander decided to sit down beside her, just to keep her company. That's the kind of big brother Alexander is. What a great kid. . . except for the baby powder.

We forgot to bring the camera, so there are no pictures of the park. But it's basically the same every time. Alexander sits on the swing and makes us swing him until we tell him it's time to leave. Crying and whining ensues until we're walking away from the park and on our way home. That was basically it.

Thankfully Isabel is too young to get into anything. She mostly just sits in her exersaucer while she watches Alexander and practices picking things up - she's getting pretty good at it too!

Yesterday Alexander woke up at around 6:00 a.m. (which is early for him), so I was expecting him to have a good nap. At around 11:30 a.m., I fed Isabel and she was falling asleep for her nap, as usual. So I brought her upstairs and put her down. I went back downstairs to this:

I guess Alexander was tired! He doesn't usually fall asleep anywhere unless it's in his bed. I slept until 2:30 p.m. too, so that was a good nap! I was able to organize the again-growing pile of stuff in the office and fold some laundry.

After his nap, he wanted to watch the "Gold" movie, which is Tangled, so that's what we did.

The first 16 seconds of this clip is my favourite part of the movie. I laugh each and every time I watch it. The expression on Maximus's face when he chews up the poster is HILARIOUS!!!

If you didn't quite get it, that's okay. I know that my sense of humour is different than some people's.

On Monday night, Jeffery gave Alexander a much-needed haircut. And it turned out very well. So well, in fact, that I think it's going to be Jeff's job to give Alexander haircuts! (please ignore the food all over his mouth)

On Saturday we went to the farmer's market. The first time in AGES, it seems. It was the first time we went since the construction was finished. We found out that the market doesn't stamp your parking ticket to give you 1 hour of free parking anymore. So we had to pay for parking, which sucks. But we got lots of vegetables (I got fiddleheads - yum!) and meat. I love the farmer's market. I've heard that there is one on Ottawa Street, but I've never actually seen it yet. Maybe next Saturday we'll walk down the road and try to find it. If it's not there, we'll have at least walked down the road, right?

We need to get a new computer tower. Our computer has given us the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! . . . which isn't actually the death of a computer, since it started about 2 years ago, and the computer has been working okay until recently. It still works, but it just gives us the blue screen every once in a while. We've tried to get diagnostics done on it, but they have never been able to get the computer to duplicate the issue. So instead of that headache again, we're just going to see about getting a new tower - if we can afford it, that is. We'll see.

Another verse from Proverbs that shows the kind of woman I want to be:

"She speaks with wisdom,
   and faithful instruction is on her tongue.
She watches over the affairs of her household
   and does not eat the bread of idleness."   -Proverbs 31:26-27



  1. Love the pictures and I laughed at the baby powder!

    Cutie pies shown here!

    Great verse too!


  2. I love your brood. They are adorable. I may also have a computer tower that comes with Windows XP (free) and Microsoft Office. The only thing is that it needs a hard drive. I got one for Laura for $60 and was able to set it all up for her. So yea, let me know if that is in your price range and if you would like it!

  3. The part I liked in Tangled with Maximus was the scene where Eugene is riding him and then Maximus realizes who he is and freaks out. The next part, where they're fighting to be the first one to get to the satchel made me laugh, when they're moving out onto that tree limb. (I watched it last week finally!)


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