18 May 2011

Focus on Family - May 18

Sunday was the day that Jeffery and I were able to celebrate 7 years of marriage!

I said we were able to celebrate, not that we actually did, unfortunately. Jeff was at a men's retreat for the weekend and didn't get back until late Sunday. Don't blame Jeff for going, though, people; I told him he should go. The speaker at the retreat was Steve, so it was important for him to go.

Steve was the executive pastor at our church; he recently resigned because God's calling on his life is to be a senior pastor. As the executive pastor, he did mostly the administrative stuff. Steve will make a great senior pastor, even though we will miss him and Angie and their children Lauryn, Karena and Nadia as they move to Bancroft, a good 3.5 hour drive away.

We were very blessed with someone being able to pick Jeffery up and drive him to and from the retreat, which was in Bancroft. I didn't have to worry about taking the kids to church by myself on the bus on Sunday. It was raining on Sunday, too, so extra bonus! A good friend of Jeff's was registered to go, but couldn't at the last minute, so he paid for Jeff's registration, too, which was another big blessing.

This past week was a change for Isabel. I started supplementing her feedings with formula. I don't think she's satisfied with the amount of breast milk she's getting (another growth spurt, no doubt), so every day at around 5:30/6:00 p.m., I feed her 2 oz of formula. I was expecting a full bottle of formula, but 2 oz seems to be all the extra she needs. I was originally planning on starting her on rice cereal, as I thought that would fill her stomach up better, but my aunt, who is a nurse, told me to supplement with formula and wait until 6 months to start Isabel on food. So that's what I'm doing. I've done it for 2 days now, and she is much happier after she has those 2 oz.

Alexander is very difficult to take a picture of. This was the best one I've gotten all week. And it's horrible.

I can't get the boy to stand or sit still while the camera is in front of him. Actually, I can't get him to stand or sit still period! He's definitely got ants in his pants!

He still loves Isabel very much, constantly wanting to give her kisses and hugs, which she loves to receive! When she has Alexander's attention, Isabel starts gabbing at him. Well, more like screeching, but she's trying.

As you can see in the above picture, Isabel is also getting the hang of using her fingers! She loves trying to pick up this soother, and she'll spend quite a while concentrating on picking it up. Last week you saw the video of Isabel rolling from her belly to her back, but yesterday she rolled from her back to her belly! She only rolls in one direction and she ran out of room, so she got upset that she couldn't go anywhere. I was making dinner, so I didn't notice, so there is a small rug burn on her philtrum.

Jeffery really enjoyed his weekend away, which makes me happy. He was getting quite stressed about work (not going all that well), and so the weekend kind of was a tiny vacation for him. He was able to get in a round of golf too, so that's good. I wonder when I get to go on a vacation. . . But I guess it's different for a mom, right? Especially one who is still breastfeeding an infant. But a vacation would be nice.

This week has been really busy for me. Not in any way interesting at all; I've just been busy being a housewife and mother: endless dishes, laundry, sweeping, cleaning, all moms can relate, I'm sure. I haven't had much time to create, and I'm going a bit crazy, I think. I'm even a bit restless while I'm typing this, since I could be making something instead! But I've had to remind myself that being a housewife is a blessing, since I am able to raise my children instead of some daycare. The dishes, laundry and cleaning I would still have to do, even if I had a job.

Her children arise and call her blessed;
   her husband also, and he praises her:
“Many women do noble things,
   but you surpass them all.” 
                             - Proverbs 31:28-29



  1. Thanks for the good post Shirley, always enjoy seeing the pictures and reading about my favourite Martin's!

  2. UPDATE: Tonight Isabel had the full 6 oz bottle. So much for 2 extra oz a day!


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