20 May 2011

Paper Flowers

This week was very unproductive for me in regards to my creative business. I wasn't in a rut or anything, I've had ideas coming out the wazoo this week (yes, the wazoo!), but I have not found the time. I've been busy with being a housewife and mother.

Taking care of kids and cleaning when I had a spare moment, which consisted of the few short hours after my kids went to bed, was what occupied my time. Isabel decided to take no naps this week, which boosted my grumpy mood. Ask Jeffery. He's been avoiding me to escape my grumpiness, and I don't blame him.

I did have time to try a new technique, though. I tried to make paper flowers. I used scrap paper, and this is the result:

They're really cute, I think. I can't wait to try making some with card stock. I don't know how difficult it will be to fold the card stock smoothly, so I may have to use thinner card stock than the 100 lb card stock that I usually use. We'll see. When I make more, I'll show you!



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  1. When I get married you should make my bouquet... :)


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