09 May 2011

Product Review - quiltery

Jeffery's slippers have been falling apart for months. And when it's cold outside, warm feet are essential to a happy Jeff. So when I came across these, I thought they'd be perfect for him:

Diane, from Maryland, makes these felted woolen shoes. They are made to feel like a second skin on your feet, and the natural fibers of the wool will make your feet feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Diane had no issues with making these shoes in a huge size 13 for Jeffery - yes, my husband has abnormally large feet. (lol)

The shoes took longer than normal to arrive, and when I messaged Diane about it, she said that the first pair of shoes had a defect in them, so she had to start over with a second pair. The annoying part about the long felting process is that you don't usually see any defects until the shoes are almost done. So we waited longer than we expected. Diane offered to put on a latex sole, so the shoes won't slip on the hardwood that is all over our house. That is customer service, people!

And boy, are they worth it! Jeffery has had these wool shoes for about two months, and he loves them! Despite being thinner than the normal slipper (the last pair Jeff owned was made from sheep's wool, and it was VERY soft and fluffy), they kept his feet warm during the last part of the cold season - the warmest they had been all winter long! The latex sole also definitely keeps him from slipping, which is a super bonus!

Since Jeff is so happy with his shoes, I want to get a pair for me next winter - I've been trying to hint to him to get them for me for my birthday this year. Perhaps if he read this blog post, it won't be so much of a hint, eh?

These are the shoes that I want. I love the oatmeal colour!

Diane also crochets baby slippers, which are really cute.

AND she makes quilts! Take a look at her shop to see them!

So if you're looking for slippers that will keep your feet warm this winter, I would highly recommend quiltery.


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