11 May 2011

Focus on Family - May 11

I haven't remembered much this week to take pictures of Alexander and Isabel, so the pictures of the kids appearing in this post will be from only this morning! Sorry. . .

This past week was pretty busy for us. On Saturday, I sold my wares at the "Satisfied" event at the church building. I really enjoyed the workshops and the fellowship with the 30 other women there. Allie and Erin (the fantastic ladies who planned it) hope to make it an annual thing, which is a great idea! I brought Isabel with me so I could feed her when she needed it, and my mom took care of Alexander until Jeffery was done his appointment. Jeff got Alexander when he was done, and the two of them hung out for three hours until the event finished up. Alexander didn't have a nap that day, so he was grumpier than usual.

Before I went to the event, I was at my parents' place to drop Alexander off, and while I was visiting, Isabel ROLLED OVER!!!! Here is video proof:

It looks as if she smiled at my mom (who took the video) to say, "Look what I can do!" since she rolled over right after she smiled at her. She rolled over at least four times that morning! I guess I can't put her on the couch anymore, but that means I have to vacuum the floor. . .

Sunday was Mother's Day. It wasn't really any different than any other Sunday. My kids are both too small to know what Mother's Day is about; and I'm not going to expect Jeffery to do something for me because I'm not his mother (thankfully!). After church, we went over to my parents' house and had daddy burgers (my dad's stupendous and delicious homemade burgers). We left pretty much right after lunch so that our kids could have naps. We were glad to at least be able to talk to Aaron and Karen, who arrived as we were leaving.

While Alexander napped (Isabel refused to sleep), the three of us went outside. Isabel sat in her swing and watched Jeffery and I while Jeff put down weed killer and grass grower and watered the grass, and while I killed the weeds in the flower bed in the front of the house. We have the worst lawn on our entire street, and the dirty looks from our neighbours were making me feel sort of guilty for not taking care of our lawn as well as they take care of theirs. But another part of me thinks that if they care so much about what my lawn looks like, they are more than welcome to care for it themselves!

Yesterday I went to "Home with a Heart", which is a class that my mom teaches to single moms who want to know how to be more industrial and frugal with their resources and time, and who want to be more confident in who they are as well. The class teaches them organization, cooking, cleaning, laundry, personal time for mom, hobbies, stuff like that. I taught the women what I do with my paper crafts and we made a birthday card and a fun gift tag. The pictures for those will be up on Friday.

Another part to the hobbies class is knitting or crocheting. I've wanted to learn to crochet for a while now, but I've always been so intimidated by it. I've tried knitting a couple of times, but I get so frustrated with it that I've given up. And I always thought that crochet and knitting were pretty much the same thing, since they both utilize yarn and sticks. (lol) So I tried to crochet. And I think I'm getting the hang of it! YAY! I did four rows yesterday, and we'll see how far I get today!

this was me starting out at Home with a Heart

I must be really happy with my crocheting efforts so far because I dreamt about crocheting last night. Not anything weird or specific, I was just crocheting. Like my mind was reminding me how to do it! Weird. . .

Last night Alexander vomited his dinner out. Three times. Once was at the dinner table after he had one bite. It went into his bowl, so that was convenient. After dinner, we were planning to go for a walk to the store to get milk. Alexander had his coat and shoes on, and then BLECH! twice on the floor, his coat and his shoes. I took off his coat and he drooled leftover vomit onto his shirt. GROSS! And since I'm the mom, I get to clean it up. Jeff was with Isabel, since she was crying at the time.

Alexander said he had an owie in his belly. So, obviously, we didn't go for that walk. Alexander and Isabel both got baths instead, and Jeffery got the milk.

Alexander is doing better this morning. He ate his breakfast and snack without any up-chuck.

I made banana muffins this morning. YUM! Here's the recipe.

They are one of our favourite baked goodies.

We got a weight scale a while ago, and today I weighed Alexander and Isabel. Alexander is 36 pounds, and Isabel is 16 pounds. It's no wonder why Isabel is fitting into size 3 diapers already!

That's all until next week!

"Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble." 1 Peter 3:8



  1. You did a terrific job at Home with a Heart and we look forward to having you come for the reunion on June 7.

  2. Don't worry about your lawn....we haven't cut ours yet because the lawnmower isn't here yet!! Sigh...I keep waiting and waiting and waiting but we don't have it yet. One of these days Tom will get the time to pick it up, I hope!!

    We haven't cut ours once yet this spring, and I cringe every time I see it or I see one of our neighbours outside :(

    Also: the link you posted for the banana muffins didn't work - I was totally going to make them since I have a whole bunch of bananas in the freezer just waiting to be made into something yummy!!

  3. I've edited the link to the banana muffins recipe. Thanks, Lauren! :)

  4. I love seeing the pictures of your children. Miracles from God!


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