29 April 2011

I Need to Find a Stud!

Well, I actually need to find a few studs. in my wall. I can't find our stud-finder to anchor in the counter top for my craft closet. I'm going to try to borrow one; I'm very impatient about getting it all set up - I want to create in my new space and I'm so close!

Jeff cut the counter top for me and we unattached it to the wall in the basement. Now I'm just waiting to find my studs (lol) to be able to anchor the counter top to the wall. Then I will reposition the shelves above. Then my space will be work in-able! YAY!! I also am going to purchase a couple of curtains to hang at the door to the closet so then I can close the curtain and it office will look relatively neat again! And perhaps that will keep Alexander out of my supplies! - probably not.

I've been busy creating more birthday cards for this week's mom2mom sale. Here is a snippet of a few of them:

I'm excited about this sale on Saturday! Wish me luck!

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