27 May 2011

I Need More Time!

This week has been fairly boring in the creative department. I've been busy being a mom. And it's driving me CRAZY!!! Not being a mom, just having little to no time in a day to create. Here's what I did in the few moments I did have:

And here are two owl pictures I did last week, but forgot to add them to the blog post:

This one I made for a friend, Tracey. She loves owls, and so I made this for her:

I love how each owl is looking somewhere, not just straight ahead. You can get pretty funky with the eyes! I'm planning on making more of these pictures for the Keep & Collect Market on June 25. They are so fun to make. I just have to purchase more frames. . .

I have received my latest order of a few new stamp sets (yay!) and I want to start making things with them. I have so many ideas in my head, I just have to find the time! agh!


  1. I LOVE my owl picture! It's so cute! Making many more is a great idea. :) Thanks so very much for it!

  2. I love the owl picture too and the Beautiful card too!


  3. I really like that summertime card - what a cute idea with the scallops!


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