10 July 2012

Sweet & Delicious Homemade Lemonade

It's another scorcher out there today!
So to help you cool down, I thought I'd share with you my favourite way to cool down in the heat!
Homemade Lemonade!

It's so refreshing and delicious, I'm sure you will want to try it too! Here's how I made it:

             1. Put 2 tsp sugar in the bottom of the glass.
             2. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze as much juice out of it as you can into the cup.
             3. Stir the lemon juice and sugar together until the sugar is mostly dissolved.
             4. Throw in a few ice cubes and the lemon you just squeezed.
             5. Top up the glass with ice cold water.

Voila! You've got the best tasting lemonade you ever had!
(If you taste it and it's too lemony, you haven't stirred it enough.) :)

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