05 July 2012

Craft Night in Hamilton

It promised to be an epic night, and they totally delivered!

When I got there, just after 6:00 p.m., this is what it looked like:

Thank goodness there was air conditioning! It was a scorcher outside, feeling like 48 C (which is about 118 F). But when I walked in the door, there was this cool wave of fresher air, which was so welcome! I didn't get a picture of me, so maybe the Etsy photographer's pics of me will go somewhere.

So yeah. We met the Beehive Collective, who explained about the project that they want people from all over the Hamilton community to work on together for the Supercrawl this summer. At last year's Supercrawl, they made a project called "Knit Night on The Brain".

And this year, they are planning on installing little beehives all along the buildings of James Street (where the Art Crawl is being held), to mimic the natural growth of beehives in nature. You can find more about this project here.

So when we weren't gabbing with people, we were making these little hexagons. Here is about half of the hexagons that I made:

While I was making them, Liz from the Beehive Collective was taking them and whip-stitching them together to form the hives. I tried my hand at the whip-stitching, but my stitches were a bit too big. So I continued doing what I was good at: basting the fabric to the paper hexagons.

I really enjoyed basting these little hexagons, so I think I just might download the template (which you can find on the sidebar of the beehive blog), pick up some fabric scraps, and start basting! There is a drop off centre just down the road from me at The Cannon - which is a really cute little coffee shop that I've been wanting to check out for a while - and this is my opportunity.

If anyone else would like to join me in making some little fabric hexagons, the instructions are on the blog, near the bottom - there is also a great video to take you through it, step-by-step. It is actually pretty easy.

Overall, the night was super fun. I got to meet a bunch of lovely women - I even talked to them too! lol Some of them are not sellers on Etsy, but they craft a lot, and it was really great to meet other craft women in my area. There is going to be more get-togethers like this, and I'm excited about that!

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