19 July 2012

In my studio :: packaging

I'm going to be showing you - for the first time ever! - my packaging super powers.

Here is what the final product looks like. superb, I know.

Here is what is included with the customer's purchase:

         1. my business card from overnightprints.com
         2. a handwritten "thank you" note, including a coupon code for any future purchases
             and a request to come again.
         3. a note explaining the origin of the journal and the vision of The Orange Windmill.
         4. a little gift - a small notebook that you can carry in your pocket for quick jots.
         5. a little book plate from flapperdoodle - to tell the world who owns this journal.

I wrap the journal in reclaimed kraft wrapping paper.

A product label from VampItOn, which tells the customer I use recycled packing materials.

I wrap the final product up with twine, and slide the "extras" under the bow... and VOILA!

What do you think?


  1. Love it!! I am always so intrigued to see how people package their items! I find it just makes opening it that much more exciting! :D Thank you for sharing, Shirley!!

    1. I'm interested in seeing your packaging too, Christa. Maybe I'll just have to purchase one of your items! I've had my eye on those dandelion wish cards for EVER!!!



  2. Looks great!

    Hoorah for recycling!


  3. Love the simplicity and all the extra touches, Do you add a final waterproof wrapping, I would be worried about the cards slipping out and also rain damage.

    1. Hi Rose, All of this goes into a bubble wrap envelope, where every seam is taped shut. I worried about water (and damage due to the post office!), and I think this works well. :) -Shirley

  4. It 'very simple but at the same time high-impact, I love the kraft paper and the twine! I often use red twine to contrast the colors.
    Well done, Shirley!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! -Shirley


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