06 July 2012

Find it.

When I typed "find it" into google, the first thing that came up was TV Listings. So today I've decided to share with you my favourite TV episodes.

Although we don't have cable or satellite TV or anything, I do still get around to watching - I have my ways...


Dexter is such a fun tv show to watch! I'm not a huge fan of the killings, but I enjoy seeing the character of Dexter evolve. And season 4, when John Lithgow was the bad guy?! *shiver!*  I have seen John Lithgow in other comedic roles since I saw this season, but all I see is that evil killer - he was so good at being really,
creepy. And the last episode of season 6 was such a great ending! It can't wait for the upcoming season.

I know that this show is over, and I would have liked to see a different ending, but this show is all around fun to watch. I like Zachary Levi, and Adam Baldwin obviously had a great time playing his character. I look forward to the other work that Zachary Levi will be doing.


I just recently finished watching all the episodes of the first season, and I really like it! I love how each episode goes back to the "fairytale" realm and shows you a little more of the story. I think it's my new favourite.

And whose TV experience is complete without The Office? No one's! Sure, I missed Michael Scott in this past season, but it still offered some really great episodes. I'm excited to see what happens next season.

What TV shows do you like to watch?

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  1. I love Dexter, definitely one of my favorites as well.


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