14 July 2012

May I introduce you to...

Lets meet all the lovely ladies who are on my blog this month!
The question I asked this month's sponsor was "What is your favourite thing about summer?"

While I was born in Philly, I find my home in SC with my boyfriend and chihuahua puppy. I have this pendant shop as well as a shop for my photography - my first love.

Summer in the south seems to last all year; which means so do the flowers - my favorite part.


My favourite part about summer is that I get two months of holidays!!!
Being a teacher is awesome, especially in July and August!


It wasn't easy to share my favourite as I have so many favourites on Etsy. I especially love the
watercolors or acrylic paintings of Amber Alexander - they are just wonderful: sweet, imaginative and funny. I admire the artist's talent! Then, I love the glass bevels and terrariums from HalonaGlass - the photo presentation is great and I like how they reflect the light. I would love one like that for my apartament!
And the obvious - as I live in Amsterdam - is the bike. We have a rich cycling culture in Holland here and I am drawned by nice classics like the one from the picture. I bike everyday and everywhere :)

I make little felted teddy-bears & animals. I've found it's a nice way to put smiles on people's faces and working an advertising company requires a lot of my energy and time. After hours, when I "open" my Forestblue Factory, it's like I relax in a productive way. The biggest bonus of it is working with this great natural material which is wool. It's sheer pleasure. That's why I only pick best quality wool, as little processed as possible and from happy sheep/alpaka farms.

Things I love about summer best: lightning bugs, freckles, combination: hot air and the smell of pine trees and perfect excuse for abuse of ice cream!


Deb Jackson doesn't post many items at a time, but her work is just astounding.

I'm a retired theatrical costumer who decided to build a dollhouse. I love books and wanted to include a library, but good quality miniature books were too pricey for me. I'd made a lot of odd things as a costumer, so I thought I'd give bookbinding a try. It was great fun to learn, and five years ago I finally got confident enough in my work to try selling them. I've met wonderful people interested in miniature books and made some real friends. I taught myself bookbinding off tutorials on the Internet, and I encourage everybody at all crafty to give it a try.

My favorite thing about summer? Sitting in the backyard after sunset, when the heat dies down, and having a glass of wine with my husband.


I have always loved that string of lights, and the photo has such a great, outdoorsy nighttime feel to it.

About me...always the hardest question! Lets see... My name is Sharon, and I make felted wool bowls in my etsy shop. I really love nature and being outside - gardening, hiking, and camping, - so I like to add a bit of nature (a leaf, a bird) on my felted bowls. I love to knit while reading a book or watching tv. I have two children, ages 2 and 4. I started knitting when I was in graduate school as a stress reliever (I have a degree in human genetics, but am taking time off to raise my kids) and soon discovered that I love making little felted bowls because they are quick little projects that I could finish in one sitting, since they take about 45 minutes to knit, and felting is a really fun process.

My favorite part of summer is being able to go on day hikes with my family. We have some really great Deuter child carrier backpacks that we use when the kids get tired of walking. We like to hike in the forest (shady for the kids) and we can't do it if it's too cold.



  1. Thank you, Shirley! This looks great! I am certainly a woman of few words! haha

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    1. I'm glad you like it, Karen! :)

  2. I'm glad to be in such interesting and creative company! I can hardly wait to meet them.


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