07 July 2012

Dinosaurs at the ROM

I completely forgot to post about our family trip to the Royal Ontario Museum! Well, almost a whole family trip - Isabel stayed at home with a babysitter, since she would NOT have liked sitting in the car seat practically all day.

Alexander waiting for "Henry" to come.

A pretty small flying dino.

Imagine how tall that dinosaur would be if it were still alive! HUGE!!

Alexander and I taking a break from walking. There was a short dinosaur CG film on the wall in front of us, and Alexander wanted to watch it over and over and over...

This is the scariest fish I have ever seen. It was so big, Alexander could have fit inside very easily.

Alexander and I also dug up some "dinosaur bones" with the brushes we had. It's too bad that there were no goggles large enough for my head. That would have been a great photo right there.

If you're interested in popping over to the ROM in Toronto, you can learn more about the exhibit here.

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