07 March 2012

What I Made Wednesday - LINK UP!

So here is the code that you can link on your blog to tell others about this awesome link-up party! Spread the word - it benefits everyone!

Anyhoo. I was organizing my disaster of a craft area and noticed a piece of leather that I had gotten in October/November, but I couldn't find it! Well, obviously I found it, and here is one of the journals I made with it:

You can't really see it in this particular photo, but this leather has subtle speckles on it, it's such a smooth and gorgeous leather! I love it!

Anyhoo. Last week, the most viewed link was the Baby Shower Card from For Any Occasion:

Trees Hide


  1. Thank you for the Link Up! Fun. Great idea!

  2. Sweet deal, thank you so much!

  3. Love this idea-thanks Shirley

  4. Cool blog! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. cool. i just found your linky over on Still in St.Louis and am totally linking up :)

  6. I haven't made anything this week, but I'll surely try to be ready for next week. I added your button to my blog link party page.

    1. That's awesome, Debbi! Thanks. :)


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