16 March 2012

Family Friday

Last week was so busy that I didn't have time for the Family Friday post. I got yelled at by a few family members for not posting, so I knew I had to post today, no matter how busy it got.

Here are a few pics from the past two weeks.

Alexander and Isabel's favourite way to play is to take all the cushions off the couch and flop around on them.

Isabel enjoys crawling onto the couch and looking out the window.
The couch is too tall for her if the cushions are on the couch.

Alexander took the fish off the crib mobile, and he and Isabel play with them all the time.

Turning to look at mommy for a picture on Sunday.

Isabel reminds me so much of Laura when she looks like that - tongue and all.


Nothing warms my heart more than seeing Alexander and Isabel love each other.

Isabel is asking me for food here.

This past Wednesday, Natalie and Jeremy came over for the day. We all had lots of fun.
Jeremy loved playing the snowboarding game on the PS3.
And Natalie decided she wanted to help me by keeping Isabel occupied.

We went to the park in the morning for some play time, then a picnic lunch.
We ate egg salad sandwiches, bananas, grapes and apple juice.
It was cut short, unfortunately, by an emergency trip to the bathroom.

Isabel had to wait for her turn on the swings, but it was worth the wait!
Natalie was very helpful by pushing Isabel.

Jeremy, however, pouted like this the entire time someone else was on the swing instead of him. lol

Alexander tried to sit in the big swing. He liked it at first, and kept saying, "push harder",
but when his bum slid, he wanted to get off immediately.

Today, Jeff's mom took Alexander to see Disney on Ice. They were going to ride on the city bus, and have some lunch together - a good grammy-Alexander time. He left smiling and excited for the day.

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  1. What a lovely post....nice pictures...we feel like we are spending a little time (in your family) with you...NICE! Love the pictures...tell the story so nice. That is great Gramma Martin can do something with Alexander...he will feel so special...GREAT!

  2. I don't stick my tongue out like that anymore! :)

    1. I know you don't now, but you have to admit that she looks like some of those pictures when you were younger and you had your tongue sticking out - I will have to find it. :) Here:


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