26 March 2012

Featured Artist :: Sameheart Designs

Hand-woven on a loom. Like the ones you see in Wanted. Maybe not as big (or as many), but it's the same thing. A dear friend of mine here in Hamilton knows how to weave, and she will inherit one of her grandmother's looms.

I have seen firsthand how beautiful hand-woven textiles are, and let me tell you: these pictures of handwoven textiles by Sameheart don't do them justice:

Aren't these just GORGEOUS!!???!? I love seeing the textures in each line, and the little bubbles of colour through the pattern is so wonderful!  I want The Rasta Scarf, and I want to wear it like shown in the last photo. A tutorial of how to wrap your hair into the scarf would definitely help me!

Head on over to Sameheart Designs, and I dare you to not fall in love with these handwoven delights!

Trees Hide


  1. I love the braids on the satchel. My hubby made me a small loom 2 summers ago...and I'm still waiting for free time to use it.

    1. WOW! I would LOVE to learn how to weave! I know it's time consuming, but SO worth it in the end! Thanks for posting. :) -Shirley

  2. My grandmother has just started teaching me on her loom. I have made two projects, the 2nd was the total set up. It takes lots of patience and practice, but I love how free it is!

    I love the organic baby blanket and the texture and color on it! Very nice.

    1. You're so lucky to have someone able to teach you! I would LOVE to learn how! (not that I'm asking you to teach me or anything... not really...) :) -Shirley


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