22 February 2012

What I Made Wednesday - LINK UP!

This past week has found me looking for craft sales to attend this year, so honestly, I haven't made a whole lot.

But I will show you something that I have received recently:

I got this bills calendar from REDSTARink, and I LOVE IT!!! It allows me to keep all my monthly bills in one place, and keep track of what has been paid and what has yet to be paid; it's pretty awesome!!! I will be writing a review of this item in the near future, so look out for that!

Anyhoo. Last week's most viewed link-up was a Peacock Kindle Fire Case by redmorningstudios:

Now, I would LOVE to see what you have been working on lately! Link away!

Trees Hide


  1. Thank you again for the Free Exposure you offer all of us!!
    You are very kind to give us this opportunity :)


  2. Thank you so much for allowing me to get some exposure for my shop! :)

  3. Thanks!! And I need that bill calendar sooooooooooo badly!

  4. Found you through the Grow Your Blog hop! Showing you some bloggy love by following you via GFC.

  5. This is such a great idea, too bad it's thursday already...I hop I'll remember it next week :)


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