16 February 2012

Featured Sponsor :: Bridget Fainne

Inspired by her Celtic heritage, and fascination of Celtic history and mythology, Kate creates Irish and Celtic items. You can easily see the love that Kate puts into each of her pieces.

The interesting part of Kate's story is that she shares the same birthday as her great-grandmother, separated by exactly 100 years! This is what had initially inspired Kate to delve into her Celtic roots.

Her brand, Bridget Fainne, comes from her great-grandmother (who was named Bridget), and fainne is the loosely translated Gaelic word for 'jewelry' or 'bauble'.

Here is just a tidbit of what you can find in Kate's shop:

My plan is to purchase one of the birth year coins for my mother-in-law, who is very proud of her part-Irish background.

Any of these items would make a great gift for the Irish, Irish-lover, or even St Patrick's Day!

Take a peek at BridgetFainne to see what you will discover!

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