03 February 2012

Say What?!?

We have been loving life and enjoying each other's company this week. Having fun together. We know that this time of both of us not working will not last, so we are trying to make the most of it.

Alexander has just recently begun to sing along with songs! His favourite is the alphabet song. He doesn't sing all the letters, but he mouths them, so we know that he knows it. I've also been singing simple songs as well, like 'Jesus Loves Me'. Isabel also loves to hear me singing, and she sways to the music.

Isabel is beginning to understand that when I say, "Not in your mouth, please," I mean that she shouldn't put whatever she is holding in her mouth! lol  She is also beginning to say words as well! She can say "uh oh", "cookie" and "thank you". She is beginning to repeat what we say, or trying to, at least.

Last week we went swimming, so I think we will be doing that again during the winter. Both kids really enjoyed it, and although the water was as warm as their bath water, they still had fun.

Our stove is going to go kaput soon. Yesterday it took over 30 minutes to heat up to 350 F, when it used to take maybe 10 minutes. So we're on the look out for a free stove. Do you know of any?

Until next week!

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