08 February 2012

Google+ Button

With Google Friend Connect being discontinued, I have been scrambling to find new ways for people to follow this blog. So far I have added Bloglovin' and Linky Followers. But I also wanted to get Google+ as well.

I had been trying to get the Google+ "Add me to your circle" button for about 45 minutes. The best I was able to do is get the +1 button, which was not what I wanted. I went through the Google+ help section and got all the information I needed; it just was NOT working for me.

Granted, I don't know HTML very well. But I was getting pretty annoyed. So I googled it.

I went to this site, and it was SO EASY!!!! Just plug in your Google+ code (which you can find in the URL of your profile; it's a 21 digit number), and the size you want it, and BOOM! your code is generated! Just plug it in the HTML widget and there you have it! You can see mine on the left column, under the GFC widget.

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  1. Awesome! Just added you! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  2. not figuring out what "this site" is....tried it on my own and did not work! Help!

    1. If you click on the words "this site", a new window will pop open to the site where you are supposed to go. :) I hope that helps! -Shirley


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