06 February 2012

Featured Artist :: Tutsee Toy

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What I admire most about Irina from Tutsee Toy is that each of her Tutsees are crocheted with NO pattern! A woman after my own heart! I certainly can't follow a pattern, and it's so refreshing to see an artist who makes her items with no pattern too.

Take a look at some of my favourites from Tutsee Toy:

You can find different ways of wearing the scarf in the listing photos, just click on the title to see!

There are many other adorable items in Irina's shop, just pop on over and take a look!

And if you want to come back to Tutsee Toy throughout the month, you can just click on the button on the left column, under "sponsors". That button will direct you straight to Tutsee Toy!

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. The white rabbit is so, so adorable! Instant love! =)
    Kristina J.

    1. I know! Irina sells different colours too! :)


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