24 February 2012

Family Friday

This week was nothing incredibly new. Just a bunch of learning and fooling around...

Alexander and Isabel really love playing with that sheer curtain in the kitchen. They are constantly hiding behind it, and then running towards each other, so the curtain drags across their face while they are running (or walking, in Isabel's case). With the curtain being sheer, they can still see where they are going, which is why they like it so much.

And I LOVE hearing them laughing at each other. Alexander goes out of his way to make Isabel laugh, and he's giggling the whole time too. It always puts a smile on my face.

I wish Isabel would keep her pookies in her hair, but she is constantly pulling them out and throwing them on the floor. So most days I just give up and keep them out.

Today Alexander, Isabel and I are going over to Heather's place, where there will be Emma and Evan to play with! Alexander is really excited about it; it's awesome to see him come out of his shell.

At school earlier this week, there was a tiny tent put up in the classroom, and when we got there, a couple of kids were playing in it. Alexander played with Isabel and me for a while, keeping their progress in the corner of his eye; then he suddenly went up to them and started playing with them at the door to the tent! He had never played with those kids before, so this is unheard of! It was very exciting for me to see.

Anyhoo. That's all for this week! Cheerios. lol

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