07 February 2012

Meet My February Sponsors!

Each of these sponsors are wonderfully creative women, with their own unique talents.
Say hello to...

herself and her Irish lassies

Tell us about yourself. Since discovering that my great-grandmother shares the exact same birth date as myself by 100 years, I have been inspired to explore my Celtic roots. My brand's identity is Bridget Fainne; the name comes from my great grandmother, Bridget, and the term "fainne", which loosely means "jewelry" or "bauble". Piece of fainne were often worn by Irish folk to let other Irish folk know they had something in common.
My practice lies in bringing together old and new, and nursing vintage, discarded (and in many a sense, homely) jewelry back to life in order to recycle these items into little pieces of Celtic heaven. Bridget Fainne's slogan is "All things Irish and dandy!"
What is your favourite Valentine memory? I've had so many wonderful Valentines, but one of the sweetest memories is receiving a soft Koala Bear that was flat and you were supposed to put your pj's in... When it was given to me, I didn't know what it was. But it was explained to me and he said he knew how much his five sisters loved theirs, and he wanted me to have one. I thought it was so sweet he actually knew his sisters so well!
Are you running any promotions right now? Yes! Receive a free fabric Celtic bookmark with your purchase when you put TREE HIDE in the Note to Buyer section during checkout. Receive RETRO Lucky Chenille 3-leaf clover pin with purchase through March 17, 2012.

Ileana Hunter
Tell us about yourself. I'm a self taught artist, originally from Romania, now living and working in Norwich, UK, with my husband, brand new baby boy and white foxy dog. Perhaps in complete opposition to my day to day self, the artist in me is all about simplicity. Monochrome, clean, crisp, no frills.
What is your favourite Valentine's Day memory? I'll have to admit I'm not the most romantic person in the world, so I wouldn't normally pour forth Valentine's Day effusions, but the truth is I am - and feel - so very loved every day of my life that special days such as this are not as extraordinary as they would be in normal circumstances.
Are you running any promotions right now? I'm currently having a massive original drawing sale, which you can see here.

Irina Lemeshinsky

Tell us about yourself. My name is Irina Lemeshinsky. I am mother to a little boy and wife to a great man. Also, I'm the creator of TutseeToy. What is TutseeToy?
I suddenly started crocheting four years ago, in 2007, simultaneously with pregnancy, and I can't stop now. I have created crowds for crochet elephants, donkeys, bears, giraffes, mice, rabbits and birds during these four years. I do not use any patterns at all. TutseeToy animals are invented while crocheting, they are entire improvisation with unique design.
What is your favourite Valentine's Day memory? I was 13 when I got my first Valentine letter. (I didn't like that boy at all, but that was the day I realized that I'm a woman.)
Are you running any promotions right now? February will be hot month. I'm working on new projects. I want to run entirely unique OOAK line of toys with their own stories.


Tell us about yourself. Hello, my name is Lesha and I knit and paint. I have two shops - LeshasWorkshop and LeshasArtShop. My knit wear is a collection of accessories, and my most popular are my basic neckwarmer and any variety of legwarmer. In my art shop, I can't seem to pin down what's popular. It's a young shop and still feeling its way.
I have a couple of disabilities, but I have turned them in my favor as they almost dictate I work from home right now. So instead of being curtailed, I feel free to work on my handmade efforts. It's harder than it would be for some, but easier in that the nature of my medical problems often lead to bouts of productivity.
What is your favourite Valentine's Day memory? Oh no! I'm married, how can I answer this without horribly incriminating myself? Let's just say it involved hand cut tissue paper hearts... and I wasn't the one who cut the hearts for once.
Are you running any promotions right now? YES! Until I run out of a certain percentage of yarn, I cut prices deeply across the board in both shops!


Tell us about yourself. I am the wife to a wonderful, loving, and super supportive husband, and the mom to my two furry 4-legged 'kids'. I live in a small town about an hour northwest of the Twin Cities, MN. We live on a little bit of acreage that backs up to a small lake that attracts all sorts of wildlife. I have a degree in horticulture, but currently I am able to work full-time as an artist. I own a small stained-glass studio, and I dabble in all sorts of things in my spare time.
I started making bracelets after I saw one that someone else had, and fell in love with it. I borrowed it, and taught myself how to make them. It's a great way to keep my hands busy while watching TV at night. I find all the natural beauty that surrounds me to be very inspiring, so I love to use simplistic designs, and try to reflect nature back through my work.
What is your favourite Valentine's Day memory? I have been really trying to think of my favorite memory, and I'm sorry to say that I can't really come up with a standout. Since the restaurants around us are very limited, and usually very crowded on Valentine's day, we usually just have a special meal at home, and just take time to enjoy each other's company.
Are you running any promotions right now? I have been working on quite a few new designs to my shop, so this is actually really great timing. :) I would be happy to offer your readers 20% off their total purchase from my shop when they use the code WINDMILL.


Tell us about yourself. Hi! My name is Sabina Harnage. I live to create! I knit and crochet scarves, cowls, hats, etc. All items in my shop are my own design, except for traditional table covers. I follow fashion and made items that are in style, but with my own spin on it. My items are unique and well made. I always use the best and softest materials.
What is your favourite Valentine's Day memory? Hmmm... don't really have one... yet. :)
Are you running any promotions right now?  I will give this item for FREE (in the colour of your choice) with any purchase of $100 or more.


Tell us about yourself. I love to create! It's my passion, it's my life. Creating, for me, is a lifestyle. My mind never shuts off from an artistic mode. New ideas are always brewing and I have to force myself to concentrate on one thing at a time, or I'd be all over the place!
I love that Etsy has grown into such a large market place online for crafters, artists, vintage sellers and suppliers. This allows everyone like me to take what they love doing, utilize their talent and chase a dream.
What is your favourite Valentine's Day memory? This is a tricky question. I cannot think of one particular event, but I can tell you that I miss my children being young and small and having to design Valentine's Day boxes for them to take to school, picking out their Valentine's Day cards to give out to their classmates and sitting with them filling them out.

Trees Hide

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