13 January 2012

What?? No Pictures??

So I was really bad this week again and did not take any pictures of my children. Boo-hiss on me, I know.

Alexander is incredibly interested in his animal books right now. We go through them at least 4 times a day (each!). And he is very proud of himself when he knows the animal. He especially likes octopus and whale.

This month we should be hearing from Early Words about a speech therapist for Alexander. We're VERY excited about that. Alexander is about one year behind in his speech; I think that would be the best way to explain it to someone who has not met him yet.

Isabel has learned how to point. Yesterday she was walking around pointing at everything she was walking towards, with her mouth in a wide open grin. I thought it was HILARIOUS!

Jeffery's work is very slow, as we expected it to be. Thankfully, we have made it this far in the winter season. We are optimistic that God will provide for everything we need.

Trees Hide

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