20 January 2012

A Doozy of a Week

The title certainly says it all! The dooziness started on the drive to church on Sunday, when Isabel vomited all over her coat, dress and car seat. several times. After she finished, however, she seemed to be back to normal, giggling and smiling while I cleaned her up (I did not have a set of extra clothes with me - silly mommy). So, hoping it was just an upset stomach, we brought her to the nursery. We should have took her home right away.

While she was in the nursery, she vomited some more. So that's when we took her home. She slept in the car ride home, and since she was still so tired when we got home, I changed her into pajamas and put her down for a nap right away. She slept for about 3 hours.

When she got up, she seemed just as happy as if she were not sick, so I tested the fortitude of her stomach with very watered down apple juice. She lasted for about 5 minutes before the juice came back up. So I changed her again, and took off the cover from the bouncy chair (where she has her bottles when she's downstairs) to be cleaned.

When it was time for Alexander's afternoon snack, Jeff made crackers and cheese. Of course, since someone else was eating, so did she! Obviously, I didn't want to feed her, so I tried to keep her entertained with some of her favourite toys. That did not work, she wanted FOOD! So I reluctantly gave her a soda cracker.

And she kept it down! YAY! Later that evening, I gave her a half bottle of formula, and that stayed down too! She was over it, it seemed.

The next evening, I started to feel not so great. I knew I had what Isabel had when I couldn't even bear to smell the casserole I made for dinner that evening. About 2 hours later, I was vomiting too. The desire to vomit continued for 4 more hours, despite the fact that there was nothing left in there to vomit out. I was totally out of commission. I am so glad that Jeffery was home, because I would not have been able to take care of the kids. So Jeff put the kids to bed, and I went to bed soon after.

I slept until around 10:30 p.m., when Alexander woke up very upset. Thankfully, at that point, my stomach was not trying to hurl things back up, so I was able to console him. Jeff was able and more than willing to calm Alexander down, but when Alexander gets like this, he demands to be on my lap. So we watched Manifesto by City Harmonic on YouTube a couple of times - Alexander's favourite YouTube video.

Finally, after he was calmed down, I was able to put Alexander back to bed. I knew that I would not be able to take care of the kids in the morning, so I asked Tracey to come by and watch the kids when she was available - which was the morning. I blissfully went back to bed too.

Tracey watched the kids from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. During that time, I slept. When I got up, I felt almost entirely better, still just a bit worn out. Fully capable of caring for my children, though.

Unfortunately, while I was sleeping, Isabel had vomited again in her crib. Tracey cleaned her up and put her back to bed, since Isabel was still really tired.

Alexander went down for his nap after lunch, and Isabel woke up again shortly after. She was just not comfortable, which I could totally empathize with, since I had just been there. So we were snuggling in the living room for a while, which is nice - Isabel doesn't snuggle all that often.

But I was getting pretty achy and worn out again - and I was worried that Alexander would get sick, so I called up my parents and they took Alexander for the night. It's a good thing, too. Isabel and I slept on the couch for about 3 hours that afternoon! I would not have been much good to Alexander if he had stayed home.

And everyone seems to be fine since then. Thankfully, the boys in the house haven't gotten sick at all so far. But apparently, this stomach bug/flu thing (it felt like the flu to me, just a very short one) is going around.

And I saw on Facebook on Wednesday night that Tracey has started vomiting! I feel so bad about that! But, if she actually did catch it from Isabel/me, it will last only a little while. But I still feel so bad! She got sick because she was caring for my sick girl! She'll never want to watch the kids again (when either of them are sick, anyways).

Well, that's the story of this past week. I hope yours was better!

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  1. I love your family! I knew ahead of time that there was a bug going around your house, so it is my fault for catching it. Besides, when you feel like this (the sickness that you, Isabel and now I have), you want/need nothing more but for someone to throw caution to the wind and just love and take care of you. I regret nothing. When I feel better, I'll be coming over to take the kids outside. I really want a reason to play in the snow. I'm assuming Alexander will agree. :)

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  2. Oh I am sorry that you had such a yucky week. And I'm sure Tracey will watch your children again...that's what friends do. I'm glad you're feeling better.

  3. That is a pretty 'pukey' week ....I am sure you are glad that is over. Since you had it - you should, now, be immune to that 'bug' again.

  4. No fun! Especially when Mommy is sick. I think I'm heading into a stretch of what you just had - I just put Aaron back to bed after he puked there and needed a bath, and the laundry is now running with load #3 of pukey stuff from last night and today. Yuck!


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