09 January 2012

Featured Artist :: Sarahndipities

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Sarah drove her mother insane (not literally, of course). She would keep the leftover tidbits from crafts, scraps of material, yarn, paper, clay, wire, beads, etc from everything she made. That would drive me insane too! lol

Honestly, though, Sarah is such a sweetheart. She was my wonderful Etsy boot camp buddy this past holiday season. She was really encouraging to me to keep at it, and since she had done the boot camp once before, she sort of knew what needed to be done, and she had lots of ideas to get ready for the holiday sales rush. But I digress.

Sarah sells crocheted hats, scarves, accessories, patterns at Sarahndipities. Here are a few of my favourites:

And the fact that Sarah is a mother of FIVE children, makes her success even more astounding. How does she find the time?!?! Sarah also publishes her own very busy blog, Sarahndipities. She really is a super mom-preneur!

Take a look at the links below and get to know Sarah better!

Trees Hide

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  1. Awww! Thanks so much for featuring me!! You ROCK!!! Thanks again for being my buddy!! I'm so lucky to have gotten to know you!! :D


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