27 January 2012

This is My Personal Space!

This week was much better than last week, since none of us got sick! Here is what has been happening a lot lately:

Alexander, happily playing on his own...

... who is this crazy person?


It's Isabel, come to get in my personal space and take all my toys!

That is what has been going on lately. Either Isabel getting into Alexander's play space, or Alexander is trying to take whatever Isabel is playing with. Overall, the tantrums have been really small - only Alexander whines a bit when Isabel has something he wants.

Other that this, things have been really good!

And I saved the best picture for last:


Trees Hide


  1. Wow....nice pictures. They are growing up so fast right before my eyes. So glad you were all healthy this week....makes life easier.

  2. Adorable kids! Here are mine in 2008, I remember when they were littles!



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