06 January 2012

Family Pics - Instagram Style

I really like the instagram photos I see floating around cyberland, and although I don't have a smartphone, I decided to show you the holiday pictures, instagram style. Enjoy!

Everyone around Isabel was moving. She was fascinated about sitting that chair for about 30 seconds. 

That hat was not meant to fit on Alexander's head. But Jeffery got it on anyway! lol

Isabel is wearing the Christmas dress given to her by aunt Niki for her birthday.

This dress, from grammy, was her Happy New Year! dress.

Alexander and Peter playing the organ at my mom and dad's place on Christmas day.

Scott certainly had Isabel's attention!

One of Alexander's new presents, opened on Christmas morning.

Isabel decided to have a cat nap in her bouncy chair about 30 minutes before we left for my parents' house - on Christmas day.

Alexander is helping daddy.

Apparently, so is Isabel!

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  1. So...SO CUTE!! Alexander has such BLUE eyes.... and Isabel too cute!! Love the picture...such special children.....Shirley I can see you are such a good mommy I am so very proud of you!!!

  2. thanks, gramma! I learned from the best! :)

  3. I love your children... Okay let's face it I love you and Jeff too :) BUT that doesn't mean he can have a hug!!

  4. Tracey - I think Jeff has come to the slow realization that hugs from you are not in his future... lol

  5. Thank you for the lovely update, I'm sure thrilled the dress fit so wonderfully!


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