31 January 2012

Photo-A-Day Challenge

I was in blog-land last night (what a surprise!), and I saw this challenge: one specific photo every day. 

Now, earlier in the year, I had thought about doing this and it seemed too time consuming. But now I think I might be able to do it. Partly because I like a lot of the things in this month's list; partly because I want a challenge. Besides, if I took some of the time I'm on Pinterest (evil!) and devoted that time to photography, I might just be able to get it done!

If you want to join me in taking one picture every day and posting it somewhere, either on your blog or Facebook or Twitter or wherever, I would LOVE it! The more, the merrier!

Now, I'm not going to blog a photo every day; I'll blog the days at the end of the week. However, I will tweet each day's photo on Twitter.

And, as you can see in the image, this challenge is created by fatmumslim on Twitter.

Trees Hide

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