11 January 2012

What I Made Wednesday

Well, since the launch of my new product line, I have been working on some things.

I've been binding as often as I can find the time, which has actually not been that much these last few days. My husband has been trying to document the inventory of his Magic cards, and he has SO MANY, so having both of us working on it makes it go so much quicker! We've got about 1,000 cards sorted by edition, and alphabetized in that edition, and we've only put a drop in that huge barrel. Yes, he has that many cards.

I received an old leather coat, and I am going to photograph the stages as a take it from a coat to journals, then blog about it. I got more leather out of that coat than I thought I would. I'm not sure if all the pieces are usable, but we'll see.

I also received a request for 20 fun birthday cards. So I'm working on some design ideas for that.

If you've created something recently (or ever!), you can link it here, so everyone can see!

Trees Hide


  1. What a great idea to upcycle the leather coat. Best of luck!


  2. Thanks for allowing us to link up! Fabulous Blog!

  3. This is fantastic. You're an awesome Team member. Thank you

  4. So, So sweet of you to do this. Thank you so much!!!

    Rosi from IllusionCreationsbyRosi1011

  5. Omg! My husband is a Magic freak as well lol. I don't even know how many cards he has. And your journals are gorgeous :)

  6. Grabbed your button too... love your blog

  7. I love this idea!.. and off I go to read

  8. lovely blog - interesting read


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