23 January 2012

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Ellen is a very talented woman. She can crochet like it's nobody's business! I would be pleased if I could crochet half as well as she can! Here is a bit about Ellen from Ellen:

I am Alaska Native Indian. My mother is full blooded Tsimshian and my father was half Tlingit, both from the Southeastern Peninsula of Alaska. I think every woman on both sides of the family were all very talented. I hope that I pay tribute to them in a tiny way. 

I love being crafty and creative, keeping busy outside of work. I really enjoy creating things that are not only nice looking, but are functional. 

I have tried and enjoyed many different types of crafts, but always stay with my old friend crochet! My fondest memories are of watching both of my grandmothers creating so many beautiful things as I grew up. They both have given me so much inspiration.

I am sure you have heard the expression 'So much yarn (thread) . . . so little time!' The possibilities are absolutely limitless! And I want to explore them all . . . (sigh)

Here are just a few of my favourites from Ellen's shop:

Trees Hide


  1. I love learning the backgrounds of the artists. Thanks for this peek at Ellen.

  2. You have made me look pretty awesome Shirley! Thank you so much. It looks great!

  3. You make me look pretty awesome Shirley! Thank you so much!


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