02 January 2012

Featured Artist - Sew Ecological

Rose is a seriously talented woman. Sew Ecological is only one of her three shops on Etsy AND Rose teaches full time AND is an amazing mom. How she does all this and manages to stay sane, I have no idea.

I met Rose in a team we are both members of, EASL (Etsy Artisan Success League). This team is different from the usual Etsy team in that there is a thread in the forums just for chatting. It's a wonderful way to get to know fellow teammates, and the conversations get really interesting sometimes.

Anyhoo. In Sew Ecological, Rose sells winter accessories, cotton gifts and home decor items.

This is what Rose says about her work:

My upcycled items are made from natural fibers that have lost their original purpose in life- until I breathe new life into them as fun accessories! I specialize in Winter accessories, but love to work with beautiful cotton prints for one of a kind useful items!

Why do I work with natural fibers?
Acrylics and other man made fibers are generally made from the by-products of oil refining. They are NOT renewable. They ARE flammable. I choose to wear naturally warm, naturally renewable fibers that are 100% better quality than those made by man. Wool, Alpaca, Merino, and Cashmere are shorn from the animal each year- no worries about the damage done to our planet during or because of that process!

My process is very organic- it involves staring at a piece for a long time, staring a little more, then chopping up, piecing, embellishing, and sewing together. I make as inspiration strikes me! Some sweaters need to become blankets, while other, more delicate items morph into headbands and wrist warmers with lace and ribbons...

I love how each of Rose's pieces started out as something else, and it's always lovely to see so much enthusiasm for crafting - and so much talent in that craft! Head on over to Sew Ecological to see more of Rose's fabulous designs.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so blessed to have such great friends like you Shirley!!! Thanks so much for featuring me here! It's wonderful!!!!!!


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