28 December 2011

What I Made Wednesday

I didn't make a whole lot this past week. With Christmas on the weekend, many family get-togethers, spending quality time with Jeffery and the kids, who can blame me?

I have made a few journals, though. Some leather, and some from vintage books. I purchased a boat-load of paper, too. It's a different paper, not the usual card stock. It's the same natural colour, but it's thinner, so I can get more pages into a journal without the huge bulk that card stock gives.

I did do some organizing as well. It's a good time of the year to do that, don't you think? I de-cluttered (somewhat) my craft closet, which allows me to work there again! lol

It's a good thing that I took the time to organize my inventory too. I received an order for a journal on December 14. I brought the order to the post office that evening with expedited shipping to ensure the customer got the journal on time for Christmas. On December 19, when I organized my inventory, I discovered the journal that this customer had purchased was still in the tote! GAH!!! You can imagine the near-heart attack I got from that mistake!

I messaged the customer right away and told her my mistake, and I mailed out the correct journal within the hour, using the next shipping level up from Expedited (XpressPost, I think). The customer wrote me back and said that she will return the incorrect journal back to me. She got the correct journal the day after she got the first one. She wrote me back right away and said she was going to return the incorrect journal.

The moral of this story is DOUBLE CHECK what you are sending to your customer! I had never made this mistake before, and I was so sure I sent her the correct journal. It must have been one of those sleep-deprived days.

It could have been worse; I could have sent her someone else's journal! Now that would have been a disaster. Thankfully, I sent her a journal that I had just made, I hadn't even listed it yet. My customer was so understanding, not in the least upset about it (not by her words in her messages, anyway). I'm just glad that I caught the mistake, and that the issue was resolved relatively quickly.

I also went through all my Christmas cards (For Any Occasion), and I organized them into three piles:
1. to sell again next year
2. to sell next year as sets
3. to sell as a hugely discounted set

This way, I won't have Christmas cards coming out of my wazoo next year, and I have room for more new and awesome designs for next year!

That's all for now, folks!

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  1. Yikes! Panic! I've done similar goofs in packaging too. It literally makes your heart leap!
    I have been organizing all day and redoing my blog...still not right but getting there.
    Happy New Year!


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