21 December 2011

Happy Birthday, Isabel!

Today is Isabel's first birthday! She popped out after only 2.5 hours of labour and 3 pushes, even though she was 9 lbs 2 oz. She seemed ready to get moving, ever since she was born - she was trying to hold her own head up on the first day!

The most notable feature of Isabel was her cheeks. they. were. huge.

Obviously, this picture was taken at such an angle to accentuate her cheeks. They weren't really that big.

For the first few months of her life, Isabel was a bit of a cranky baby, not really content unless someone was holding her. But that lasted only a short while.

Isabel is loved dearly by her daddy and mommy and brother Alexander.

At one year old, Isabel has four teeth, and she has been walking for 2.5 months. She also babbles away, making sure everyone can hear her. She is also fearless. She has tried to crawl down the stairs... Isabel also LOVES to make a mess. She is constantly pulling toys, books and movies off the shelves and throwing them behind her onto the floor.

Isabel's favourite game is to walk away from mommy and wait for mommy to come up behind her and scare her, pick her up, and toss her onto her brother Alexander. It makes her squeal every time.

It is our prayer that Isabel will continue to grow healthy and strong. We continually pray that she will grow to love Jesus and be a shining light to everyone around her. We love you, Isabel!

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  1. Oh, what a lovely birthday note....you are such a good mommy!! I think you take after your mother! You really are very talented in the 'crafts' business. I hope you made a bit of money during the Christmas season! LOVE YOU!


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