16 December 2011

The Oven's on Fire!!!

So I switched my family post to Fridays. Just so you know.

Sunday was the baptism of my twin nephew and niece, Ethan and Moriah. It was a beautiful service, and it was wonderful to see family and friends all in one place. Alexander and Isabel behaved themselves very well, both in the nursery and during the lunch afterwards, which sort of surprised me.

After we got home, however, both kids and mommy had a nap. It had been such a long time since I had a nap during the day! It felt weird. but good.

On Tuesday, we were happy to have aunt Laura over in the afternoon. Both kids just hung off her. I love seeing how much they love her, and how that love is reciprocated. I took a few pictures, but the light was so dim that none of them turned out very well. But here are some:

Jeff is in the middle of making his world famous apple cheesecake for the youth group tonight. He let Alexander and Isabel lick the beaters. Isabel LOVED it. It was the first sweet thing she's had.

And while Alexander was having some, she was right there, waiting for her next lick.

She really liked it.

Then we discovered that Jeff used too much butter in the crust, so he had to start over on the crust. poo.

And when he turned the oven back on, a lot of smoke was coming from the oven. Jeff opened the door, then quickly closed it. Jeff looked at me with panic in his eyes and said, "Shirley, the oven is on fire."

So I got the fire out and turned off the oven to cool so I could clean it before we turned it back on.

Now the cheesecake is baking in the newly cleaned oven. And I can't even have any of it. It's for the kids at youth group. They'd better appreciate all the trouble Jeff went through to make this cheesecake for them.

What an exciting life we lead.

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  1. hahaha, I've learned to unhook all the smoke detectors before I even start cooking. and this year, I ordered my Christmas cookies from a "professional" baker friend. :~D
    super cute pics!!!!
    - ourhometoyours

  2. I just love the last picture where Isabel is licking the beater...but her eyes are looking at her big brother.....almost as if she is saying, 'am I licking it properly' . So nice Laura could visit for a bit. It is a great interest break for Alexander and Isabel.

  3. What cute pictures!

    So not fair to have to clean the oven and then not get any of that awesome cheesecake!!!

    aka AudreyGardenLady on etsy

  4. It was super fun to hang out with them (and you). Wish I had more days off work so I could do it more often. :)


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