09 December 2011

What I Made: Mug Cozies!!!

I've been wanting to make something like this for a long time; I just hadn't gotten around to it until now.

A mug cozy! To keep your fingers from burning when you pick up your cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. It turned out so well, I'm going to make more! And, to make it even better, I have labelled them "mine" and "yours" so you will know which is your cup! genius!

I also made a new hat for Isabel, since the last one she had was now too small. Unfortunately, I made this one too big. Oh well, she will grow into it.

I've also been getting my "banner" on. I designed these ones. Again, not everyone who I designed a banner for decided to use it, but I'm showing the ones I made anyways.

And, as per usual, I have also been making new journals, like this lime green one:

I also have orange leather and some embossed aqua leather coming in, for a custom order. (exciting!)

I have been fiddling around with coptic stitch binding, which will allow me to make hardcover journals. I've made a few, but pictures for those will be shown next week.

I haven't made anything new for For Any Occasion; I've been making owl paperclips out of my wazoo. But I am thinking up some new designs for Valentines Day, weddings, birthday, and baby products, though.

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