19 December 2011

Product Review - LuboArt

I couldn't believe it when I found LuboArt on Etsy! Anyone who has been to our house has seen the fabulous metal art we have hanging in our dining room. Jeff found it on eBay years ago, and when we got it, I was so amazed by the workmanship and quality of the art!

If you have seen any of the cable 14 features of For Any Occasion, you will see the metal art hanging behind us. But here is a picture of what we have in our dining room:

I love the blues, greens and grays. I love how the light makes the piece "move" when you move. It's just awesome. And I know that this picture really does not do it justice. But I'm not a photographer... :)

Here are just a few great examples from Lubo's Etsy shop:

Aren't they beautiful?! I am so happy to be able to say that we have supported a [somewhat] local artist. But with such beautiful work, it was very easy to do!

Each panel (ours has seven) comes with metal mounting hangers that you only have to fold to achieve that "hanging in mid air" look. They are unbelievably light weight, considering it's metal, and the colours have definitely lasted over the years. We only need track lighting to show off this gorgeous piece better.

I would definitely recommend Lubo Art to anyone looking for a fantastic focal point piece for their space.

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