23 December 2011

Family Friday

Sunday was the children's Christmas production during church. Alexander's class sang two songs. Alexander, however, just stood there. no actions, no words. But that's not much of a surprise. If he did either of those two things, I would have been surprised! But he did look cute up there!

During the week, we went to PFLC (school), and Alexander and Isabel did great! I love seeing Alexander opening up to playing with other kids. On Thursday, he was building towers with a child he hadn't played with before! It was nice. He is also doing a bit better with sharing the "Thomas" (tank engine toy). That reminds me, we were planning on getting Alexander a Thomas for Christmas... oops...

Isabel is as head strong as ever. She has recently learned how to climb up onto the dining room chairs, and when she realizes that she can't get down, she yells at me until I get her down. I have to admit, there has been a couple of times where I just let her hang there for a few seconds, wailing, hoping that she will finally learn her lesson. But no.

Wednesday was Isabel's first birthday! I wrote a birthday post for her. We're not doing anything special because:
1. we're seeing my parents later today to have our family Christmas dinner, where we will also have birthday cake for Isabel and myself
2. we're seeing Jeffery's mom tomorrow, where she can also say "Happy Birthday" to her then
3. she's only 1. she won't remember that we didn't celebrate her birthday.
Case closed.

Isabel has been rubbing off on Alexander, though. Before Isabel came along, Alexander was a relatively neat kid, putting his toys away on his own accord; and never making much of a mess. Now...

Let me just say that it has been messier. And I know that to many mothers, this is not really a big mess, but it is to me! I can't stand it! I will be very happy when Isabel finally learns to put things away.

Anyhoo. That's all there is for now.

Until next week, Merry Christmas!

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