07 December 2011


This week has really been just a sort-of recovery week. Both kids still have runny noses, but they are mostly better.

Isabel is busy stomping around the house. She doesn't walk. She stomps. But I have to face it: my baby is now a full-blown toddler. And she's only 11 months old! She's a determined girl.

Alexander has been slowly getting better with his words. I know that one day we'll wake up and he'll be talking in full sentences (or close to it), but until then, I'll be happy with more 3-word sentences.

We have seen the train ride and the carousel at Gore Park, and we plan on bringing the kids there sometime soon. I know both kids will enjoy themselves there.

Tonight is Jeffery's work party, and I'm excited to go out with Jeff! Perhaps after the dinner we can hop over to Beaver and Bulldog and order some BangBang Shrimp! YUM!

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  1. What an absolute cutie!!! As you say, she is such a determined little girl...as she gets more determined ....she gets more confidence....all this in such a cute little girl!!! Good luck tempering her 'determined nature'....you want some of it....but you also want her to recognize mommy and daddy know best......I just want to nuzzle and kiss those chubby cheeks!!!


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