05 October 2011

Testing Limits and Filling Diapers

Two weeks ago, I mentioned that Paul R. picked up some chocolate wafers for me, so I could make ice cream sandwiches. I used Chapman's butterscotch ripple ice cream (since it's in a box and very easy to cut to size). And they were YUMMY!!! After you make them, you have to keep them in the fridge for 2 or 3 days, or the wafers will still be crunchy. But if they are in the freezer for a few days, the ice cream softens the wafers enough to be yummy. Alexander certainly enjoyed his "ice cream cookies"!

Isabel is continuing to test her limits. Lately she has been crawling under the chairs and climbing over the horizontal supports. When she gets stuck, she cries at me that she is stuck; so I pull her out. Then she cries at me that I pulled her out! lol  So independent!

Under the table is still one of their favourite places to play.

See Isabel's foot on the right? Well, this is what she was doing. Fairly miserable-looking, eh?

On Saturday, while Jeffery and I were in Waterdown for the Artisan sale, our friend Tracey looked after the kids. She is so awesome - she loves our kids, and they love her back. Alexander doesn't whine when we leave him with her - he's too busy playing with her. I think it's awesome.

But one thing I forgot to tell Tracey was that Alexander likes to say "no" as the answer to almost everything (except for cookies or fish crackers), so when she asked him, "Do I need to change your diaper?" Alexander said, "No." Tracey, thinking that Alexander is old enough to know whether or not his diaper needs to be changed, didn't change it. lol

So after Tracey left, we discovered that Alexander's diaper was full to the brim. I think there was a tiny little spot at the very back that might have been able to hold more pee. But who pees out of their butt? (don't answer that question! lol)

Alexander is learning how to draw a face. At school on Tuesday, I drew some eyes. then I asked him to draw in the rest of the face (nose, mouth, ears, chin, eye brows), and he drew little squiggles all the right places! I thought that was pretty awesome. I don't have a picture, since it was done at school, but I will get him to do one here at home, then post it next week.

The kids and I all got sick on Sunday. We all had runny noses, and I had the headaches and sore throats - not sure about the kids; although Alexander did ask for medicine. So I have him some liquid vitamin D. lol  He wasn't sick enough to actually need medicine.

I mentioned earlier that Isabel is testing her limits. Well, she's also testing her balance. She stands on her own and dances - I think to see how long she can stand while moving... she's getting there! Isabel is also putting EVERYTHING she can get her hands on into her mouth! She prefers the small things, things that fit in her hand easily. Although that may be logical for her, it's also a choking hazard! My floors have never been so clean! lol

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