19 October 2011

BESTeam Features

As part of my BESTeam commitment, once per week I will be posting short features of three of the fabulous shops and talented artisans who comprise the team.  What is BESTeam?  It's The Boosting Etsy Shops Team!  Our goal is to give support and help promote each others' Etsy shops through blogging, facebook and other social networks.  If you are an Etsy shopowner and are interested in learning more about BESTeam, please visit the team page on Etsy or have a look at the BESTeam blog.

Las Flores Del Sur - Etsy | Blog | Facebook

Marisa lives in Uruguay, which is located beside Argentina, South America. She is a graphic designer and crafter. Marisa has another shop as well, which you can see here. I have an affinity for owls. I don't know what it is about them - they are just awesome. This pendant measures under 1.5" and the necklace, comprised of blue cat eye, glass, and acrylic beads, is 26" long. You can also purchase bracelets and earrings from Marisa's shop.

KC Dragonfly - Etsy | WebsiteBlogFacebook | Twitter | Flickr | Gallery

Kristine's crafting studio is filled with books, beads, lace, and fabrics. Kristine claims that she is not looking for perfection in her work, although she is constantly honing her sewing and creating skills. The earrings pictured above are made with tear-shaped glass beads. The earrings hang approximately 1.5" long. If you prefer them as posts, you can request that as well. Bonus: When you join KC Dragonfly's facebook page, you will get a 15% discount off anything in her shop!

Beader Bubbe - Etsy | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Agnes loves to create with any medium - whether it be crystal, paper beads, polymer clay, and stamping. Much of her items don't even reach her Etsy shop; they are usually snatched up by family and co-workers! This bracelet would be a great addition to anyone's Halloween outfit! unless they were dressed as a fairy, or something. but then they could be a gothic, skull-wearing fairy! now that's creepy! lol

Riorita - Etsy | WebsiteBlog

Irith is a gold- and silver-smith. Her creations are formed in her mind, then formed with her hands. Sometimes she combines the gold and silver in her items with semi-precious stones, ancient glass, beach glass, and pebbles from the Sea of Galilee. This pair of earrings are 925 sterling silver, hammered into shape, and the granulations around them were added later. These earrings measure about .6"

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  1. Very nice post with beautiful unique pieces from the Best team! Thank you for including my earrings!

  2. Lovely feature... thank you very much!

  3. a creepy skull wearing fairy, I like that, hahaha.

  4. Wow, what a great feature....love how you mixed gothic and fairies.....thanks so much....will be following your blogs..have a great weekend

  5. Great post! Do we have a bunch of talented artisans or what? Thank you and cheers! Connie

    ps...following you!

  6. Hi Shirley. Thanks for the post. Glad you liked my earrings =D

    KC Dragonfly


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