17 October 2011

Featured Artist - Forked Up Art

Judson is the major genius behind Forked Up Art. He started welding when he was 16, and he honed his talent to create... wait for it... drum roll... FORK ART! Judson takes forks and creates the most awesome items with them! Take a look at a few of my favourites:

Aren't they awesome??! Forks (and some spoons) bent and twisted to create awesome pieces of art. I can totally see the recipe card holder in my kitchen - I already have a spot for it (everything must have it's spot, right?)! And if I have the recipe card holder, I will also have to get the salt & pepper shaker (including the shakers!), so my kitchen is coordinated... right? lol

So... if any of you are planning on getting me a Christmas (or birthday) present, you can get me one of these.

Forked Up Art also creates forks (and spoons!) who hold iPhones, sponges, soaps, roses, shot glasses, toothbrushes and toothpaste, flags, glasses, pop cans, napkins and also fork figures. Take a peek at Forked Up Art, and let me know which one would look best at your place!

Trees Hide

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